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News magazine: U.s. environmental safeguard efficacy administrator andrew wheeler gave reuters a…
(News magazine, quoting the Reuters) – u.s. environmental security efficacy administrator andrew wheeler gave reuters a wide-ranging meeting on thursday at his station in washington, discussing issues from weather comprehension to automobile emissions and biofuels policies. smooth photo – u.s. environmental security efficacy (epa) administrator andrew wheeler arrives to testify antecedently a house energy and intercourse environment and weather vary subcommittee hearing on the fy2020 epa budget on capitol hill in washington, u.s., april 9, 2019. reuters/yuri gripasthe succeeding is an edited transcript of the interview: reuters: principal donald trump gave you some accomplish yesterday with executive orders to accelerate states to accelerate energy projects. how do you propose to commute the aver certification guidelines and how beforehand accomplish you attain the task? wheeler: we’ve already started work, it may alarm you yet we knew almost the tidings antecedently yesterday. we started working on it in advance, so we vision to possess something disembowel beforehand. i don’t understand when we accomplish go ultimate on it though. i’m not abiding of the timing on that. we can probably supervene up. it’s to provide more clarity about the program and provide some tendency on what states should continue looking at when they are doing their 401 certifications. it’s a program that hasn’t been updated in decades. i don’t apprehend when it was originally drafted vulgar were truly anticipating the need for these export terminals and some of these other national projects. i don’t apprehend vulgar truly anticipated that some states would tender of go further what was intended for their examine. i’m not going to select on anyone in particular, yet washington state, i don’t apprehend they made their specification based on the impression of water in their state, they are trying to undertake interpolitical environmental system. i don’t apprehend section 401 was originally intended for states to undertake interpolitical environmental policy, i’m not upright talking almost u.s. system. they’re trying to suggest to the world how plenteous coal is used, and i think, outside the pristine urgent of 401. so we’re going to put some more parameters about how 401 is used. we accomplish supervene the statute though. the states accomplish calm possess a hazard of flexibility of way. side of it is likewise on timeliness, the states should continue issuing their decisions. some of these decisions possess taken years for the states. reuters: critics affirm there is no fashion epa can accept the veto of the states disembowel. that has to continue an statute of synod. wheeler: i’m not suggesting we’re taking the states’ veto disembowel. what we deficiency to do is provide more clarity about the program and provide the parameters on what states should examine and how yearn that should accept. reuters: what are some of the most weighty energy projects for you to accelerate forward? wheeler: well, hopefully it would provide more tendency to the states on looking at export terminals, lng terminals, likewise some of the pipelines as hale. i apprehend it’s more than a abash. i don’t understand how far i deficiency to go, yet it’s pleasing alarming that we are importing usual gas to recent england instead of transporting it via pipeline, usual gas, into recent england. we are producing it in vast quantities in the marcellus shale. instead of using that usual gas, which is produced in the most environmentally intelligent style anywhere in the world, we are importing russian usual gas which is not produced in an environmentally intelligent style. if the states that are blocking the pipelines were really concerned almost the environment they would observe to where the usual gas would continue coming from, and they are forcing the recent england states to advantage russian-produced usual gas which is not as whitewash as u.s. usual gas. i apprehend it’s very short-sighted. reuters: what is the timing on epa accomplish on the executive orders? wheeler: i upright don’t off the apex of my head, i don’t retain the timing. reuters: maybe six months? wheeler: again, i don’t deficiency to put a date on the timing. hopefully we accomplish possess our tender disembowel beforehand and go ultimate shortly thereafter. can we secure rear to you on the timing? i upright had three budget hearings and i possess a hazard of facts and numbers in my topic and this is a recent one, and off the apex of my topic i do not retain how yearn that dave ross (the aider administrator for the station of water) told me it was going to accept. reuters: how do you accord to stricture that the trump function is setting policies that accept affect at sky blue states or other states that focused on addressing weather change, or using permits to stop projects they apprehend are environmentally harmful? wheeler: we are the united states environmental security efficacy so we are trying to dedicate policies even-handedly transverse entire 50 states. what the principal announced yesterday was an updated process for entire 50 states. on the cafe aspect we can’t possess a patchwork of automobile standards for some states and uncertain standards for other states. this goes to wotus as hale. we’ve had altogether a uniform requests to stretch the wotus observe limit. and we’re not doing that for the principal account that claim now we possess 22 states succeeding single appoint of wotus regulations and 28 states succeeding another. i truly deficiency to vanish as quickly as we can to finalize wotus so we possess the identical regulations applying to entire 50 states. rear on the cafe…. we are looking at this upshot. california upright looked at it in terms of energy efficiency. having a ravel flag for california, you are talking almost a rounding untruth talking as far as the impression on co2 worldwide. we are looking at more than energy efficiency. we are likewise looking at highway fatalities. there is other social system share that we possess as a nation, that is i confide our responsibility. we are working with dot jointly. remotest week at the washington auto appearance i said i vision california doesn’t sue us. our ultimate adjustment is not going to continue the identical as our tender. i can’t go into more recite accordingly we are calm reviewing the postulates and information, yet we took observe and the ultimate accomplish not continue the identical. we possess taken specific comments, criticisms and concerns from a all number of uncertain share groups, and i vision that our ultimate adjustment is something that everyone can secure after and aid. it was 24 hours behind i said i vision california doesn’t search the need to sue us that they went afore and sued us. in my will this is so plenteous more almost politics in the aver of california than it is protecting the environment. reuters: the preferred option as you know, on cafe, is a flatline…. is it impregnable to affirm that it is going to go up by some aggregate uncommon a flatline? is that how we should decipher your comments? wheeler: i truly can’t affirm at this top what it’s going to observe similar. reuters: there was a announce disembowel yesterday that you guys unwavering on a 1 percent per year spread. is that accurate? wheeler: it’s uncertain when you possess authorless sources making comments, yet when the administrator of the epa says what we’re going to do or not going to do it’s premature, and i truly can’t affirm anything on the archives notwithstanding almost what precisely we’re going to do. yet we’ve taken comments from a hazard of uncertain share groups into reason and we’re trying to come up with a ultimate adjustment that addresses a superiority of concerns. reuters: do you apprehend there was incessantly going to continue a traffic with california, given how far aloof everyone was? the autos said, “just, hey, select a number anywhere in the middle as yearn as we possess unquestionableness almost the program going meddling.” it looks similar we are headed for character of years of litigation. wheeler: and i vision not and i truly did vision that we could attain an unison. you understand it is interesting when the auto companies came in behind our tender came out, they told me that some of the disembowel years — our numbers are assuredly more stringent than the obama numbers accordingly obama had more exemptions and offramps and flexibilities put in — so that some of the offyears they told us that our numbers are more stringent. so that tells me that at the top of the day our proposals weren’t that far apart, yet they, i think, advantage it more for collective engineering and for politics and we’re looking at it more on the technical aspect as far as what is feasible, what can continue complete. single thing obama function did not do in their mid-term evaluation was accept into reason actual age postulates as far as what americans was purchasing. the length of period of cars on the course. i apprehend they were calm looking at 2000 postulates aphorism that mean period of an automobile is 8 years old, when it’s assuredly now 12. it makes a arrogant variety. by threatening the value of a car, we’re hopefully going to secure some of the older cars off the course. getting the older cars off the course improves social safety as hale as environment. the midterm evaluation by the obama function was a charge job. it was absolutely a charge job. they started it november 2016 behind the election, they did a 15-day plan in observe and they finalized it antecedently jan. 20th. you upright can’t examine entire the postulates and inputs in that character of age and they didn’t. they didn’t observe at the most late postulates and tidings. reuters: do you apprehend that the obama function was trying to disfavor fossil fuels and regard evs? wheeler: oh absolutely. the single fashion you could submit ultimately with obama numbers is to possess 30 percent electric vehicles and that’s not what american consumers are buying. claim now we’re…2 percent electric vehicles. i don’t apprehend this country is going to act the fleet uncommon to secure to 30 percent electric vehicles by 2025. i upright don’t apprehend that’s possible. the automobile companies are paying a archives number of fees for non-compliance. in 2016 – is the remotest year of postulates we possess – i confide it was $100 favorite that they paid in 2015 or 2016 for non-compliance with the standards and it’s projected to secure up to $1 billion…if the obama regs were left in settle. by the top of obama cafe standards. it was projected sensible to $1 billion that they’re paying each year for inability to submit with obama standards. we’re trying to possess realistic standards…. there’s verily a marketplace for automobile manufacturers to go beyond and further cafe standards…. there is a market for vulgar that went beyond and further. we don’t think, number one, we’re not using this for collective engineering, we apprehend we should possess realistic regulations that companies can submit with. there’s single three companies this year that are clever to submit with obama regulations. we’re calm maintenance the regulations in place, we calm possess two years of complying yet companies are not clever to submit. reuters: some of the critics say, ‘hey you’re doing this for the oil industry,’…because oil wither accomplish go up. wheeler: i possess not met with a one oil union uncommon cafe standards whereas i’ve been in this job. the pristine special who told me that i was trying to do this for the oil companies was senator markey. when i met with him, it assuredly tender of threw me. there is on that i don’t retain as company, was a commerce alliance. what they’ve lobbied with me uncommon the remotest year was rfs. and there was single meeting when single of them was in the room, as they were leaving they said, “i don’t deficiency this to continue a entirely negative meeting, we similar what you’re doing on cafe.” we’re not doing it for the oil industry, that’s the space of conversations i’ve had with the oil toil on our cafe proposals. it wasn’t proximate in my will why they similar it yet this is nothing to do with the oil toil. we’re not doing it for the oil industry, i’m not doing it for the oil toil. reuters: that meeting almost rfs did go badly, and that cafe ended up essence the single unequivocal thing, as you upright said it. wheeler: that was similar remotest summer. the rfs program… i was hoping that i could secure everybody to similar what we’re doing. at this top i am upright hoping everybody dislikes me equally. we’re moving meddling with the e15 and rin market reforms in our tender. we vision to possess those finalized by may 30th, in age for the summer driving conjuncture. seriously, there are things in that that are for twain sides to continue very timely almost. the rin value mechanisms should succor pull down and tend the value of rins sink and stable, which the oil toil likes. and the e15 is something that the ethanol toil likes. so hopefully we are helping twain sides and moving meddling with some system that everyone can secure after and similar. reuters: so there are no plans to ravel them (e15 and rin market reform)? wheeler: no, they’ll come disembowel at the identical age. reuters: what’s your turning-point propose in solicitation it gets sued and a seek would upshot a precept that would arrest the implementation of e15? wheeler: i don’t observe for that to happen, i apprehend we’re on very compact legitimate sway with e15. i do aim to apprehend seek fight yet we can’t govern based on what we might trepidation from courts. i apprehend legally we’re on compact sway with e15. reuters: usda has suggested that there could continue a discretionary enforcement. once secretary perdue mentioned it as hale. is that calm a turning-point plan? wheeler: we accomplish possess it alert in age for summer driving conjuncture. we won’t possess to do anything similar that. reuters: on the feeble refinery waivers, which is the arrogant issue, we’ve heard vulgar similar senator grassley and senator ernst nearly openly aphorism that they foresee epa below your leadership to vary tack from how your forerunner was issuing the sres. what is your response to that? wheeler: we possess already changed tack in the apprehension that we’re essence plenteous more clear. we’ve created the dashboard remotest sink where we’re putting our tidings disembowel in real-time on the feeble refinery waivers program and we’re essence more upfront almost what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. so we possess changed tack. yet the feeble refinery privilege program is authorized below the statute. epa was not implementing it, and we were sued three times and we lost three times. and we accepted appropriations vernacular directing us to utensil the feeble refinery exemptions program and we are. we accomplish protract to, we accomplish protract to supervene the statute. below the fashion the process works is that they dedicate to section of energy first, and doe reviews the tidings and determines whether or not there’s a hardship, an economic trouble for the refineries. and they acquiesce their recommendations to us, we examine the information, we observe at it, we parallel it with the postulates that we possess and we go meddling with a yes or no with the feeble refinery waiver. reuters: should the market foresee fewer? there is the (possibility of) full waivers, unfair waivers and simply fewer waivers. wheeler: you don’t secure a feeble refinery privilege for the vivacity of your refinery. it is based on economic postulates from year-to-year. upright looking at it from where i sit, and i possess not reviewed the tidings from doe yet, yet the rin prices possess been relatively unpretending and relatively tranquilize whereas remotest beginning so that would acquaint me that there should continue less economic wrong in the refining toil claim now than there was a year gone. there’s more than upright the value of rins for economic harm, yet upright by that factor alone, i’d apprehend maybe there would continue fewer refinery exemptions accordingly of that. accordingly we verily do accept a observe at real-time postulates on the economic wrong imposed on the feeble refineries. so that’s verily single and that’s single single of the economic indicators, yet it’s an weighty single. remotest beginning the rin prices got up uncommon a dollar and they remained below 20 cents whereas then. most of the age they’ve been about 10-12 cents a trustworthiness. i’m not an economist yet i would apprehend that would factor into whether or not there’s an economic wrong for a refinery. reuters: has this process been slowed accordingly of the political considerations? the market was expecting 2018 decisions antecedently march 30. wheeler: we calm possess not accepted the doe recommendations notwithstanding. i’m told we might begin receiving by the top of this week yet we haven’t accepted them notwithstanding. we possess not held up anything. we had a couple that were left uncommon from 2017. we processed most of 2017. yet we had a couple that came in late, single that required a puny more analysis, yet we haven’t physically accepted. we got a schedule from the section of energy a couple weeks gone of the 2018 universe yet they haven’t assuredly forwarded their recommendations to us notwithstanding. reuters: so if the doe input arrives by the top of the week then what are we looking at timing-wise? wheeler: our technical guys then accept a observe what doe sends us. if they bestow us 30 of them in single day, it may accept us a while to process entire of them. if we secure single or two…it would continue a puny speck easier to process them if they’re scattered, yet i don’t understand how doe plans on sending them uncommon. so i can’t venture to suspect on how yearn it’s going to accept us until we attend what the universe is and the aggregate of postulates we possess from the doe. reuters: co2 emissions possess since up by the largest aggregate in eight years. according to some studies, co2 emissions would go up below your proposed atom (affordable whitewash energy rule). this would hint stronger adjustment is needed. what do you specify as brawny regulation? wheeler: brawny adjustment is legitimate adjustment. the cpp (clean sway plan)… i secure defendant of rolling rear the cpp by environmentalists and democrats on the hill. my shallow serve to that is you can’t revolve rear a adjustment that never went into result. the cpp was stayed by the highest seek. it is unprecedented for the scotus to abide a adjustment in the environmental legitimate field. i apprehend that is very noteworthy. there was a hazard of stricture at the age that it went further the whitewash cast statute. you go rear to the mats phrase. behind epa lost the mats phrase the administrator at the age said it didn’t truly substance whereas everyone has already complied with it anyway. when i decipher the mats phrase at the age i apprehend i said in a blog post somewhere i reflection uprightness scalia…he was writing toward the solicitation he hadn’t accepted yet, the whitewash sway propose…. i was not wholly surprised by the scotus abide of the cpp. i apprehend what is telling adjustment is single that follows the statute and accomplish continue held up in courts. so we took a unyielding observe at where we confide the obama function was erroneous on cpp and what was outside the bounds of the caa and the truth they went outside the fenceline. i apprehend that was single of the main sticking points and the rationale for the abide. what we did was to put meddling a tender that follows the beck synod has given us. i confide the atom adjustment is going to await up in seek. it is going to yield actual abatement. we are projecting a abatement of 34 percent in the electric sway sector uncommon the vivacity of the adjustment. i apprehend that is the responsible thing for the efficacy to do. i don’t apprehend it’s responsible with our shape of government with three branches, i don’t apprehend it’s epa’s job to write the legislation on its possess. we possess to supervene the statutory constraints synod has given us, and i apprehend we are doing that below the atom tender. i confide we are on a way of getting meaningful co2 abatement. i apprehend that’s the responsible thing for a regulatory efficacy to do. reuters: epa scientists lately published a announce looking at the impacts of weather vary transverse 22 sectors and said seasonable adaption could attenuate its worst impacts. some of your scientists within protract to confide more stringent fight is needed to speech weather vary. you possess said in a hearing that weather vary is not the greatest problem facing us claim now. do you belief your interior scientists? wheeler: i belief my interior scientists. i belief my walk scientists. that application is not an epa application. we encourage our scientists, we possess some of the leading scientists in the world working on a number of environmental issues. we encourage our scientists to publish. yet upright accordingly our scientists publish something in a journal doesn’t middle that that’s efficacy system or entire the other scientists at the efficacy conspire with that specific application. there is a process for statement from the efficacy. there is a process where we go through intra-agency examine where we possess a examine by entire the offices. then governmental examine. those studies were not epa studies. we entire encourage our scientists to protection research, yet i don’t apprehend you should vex a application published by single of our scientists as functional epa system. i possess not decipher that article, i upright saw a tidings a prune almost it, yet i haven’t decipher it and i haven’t talked to the scientist that wrote it. yet i possess had distinct briefings from our walk scientists on weather vary and asked questions almost weather vary and that informs the decisions that i undertake. i can’t upright observe at the comprehension in a vacuum. we are not a comprehension college making proclamations almost comprehension. we are a regulatory efficacy. we possess to accept the comprehension we possess developed and dedicate it to our regulatory constraints that we possess and regulatory authorities that we possess and vanish meddling. i said antecedently i took this job that i confide in weather vary and society has an impression on weather vary. yet i confide the number single upshot facing our planet today is water. i’ve been aphorism that for a number of years. i said that at a weather parley at mit rear in the seasonable 2000s. it wasn’t hale accepted then and it’s not ever hale accepted now. yet it’s the accuracy. when you possess a thousand upshot that wither a day from want of drinking water, that’s a crisis and that’s a crisis that we – we wholly as the world – understand how to explain that problem. we understand what it takes yet we haven’t had the accomplish internationally to explain that problem. and we do a number of pilots about the world and a number of other organizations twain social and special and interpolitical do lead programs and they accomplish with the vulgar on drinking water here and there. what we need to do is accept those pilots to the next stock. we possess a welfare story to acquaint in the united states. our water is not unexceptionable yet 92 percent of our water systems unite the epa standards every day. we are working on a hazard of innovative ways to provide safer drinking water to the american social. innovative financing ways. in accession to the srf we possess the wifia (water infrastructure finance and reversal act) program. it’s the second year of that. we’ve single issued eight grants below wifia advance program. we upright announced the next complete of grants. we upright published it remotest friday and communities possess until july 5 to yield us a note of urgent for the next complete for wifia loans. if you could accomplish that in, that would continue wide so the social knows it’s disembowel there. reuters: jumping onto pfas, the tender of process how epa addresses pfas and pfoa,… why didn’t epa appoint the zenith contaminant level? wheeler: this is a process below the statute of setting the mcl and we started the process. i’ve assuredly been surprised by the warmth we possess taken about the pfas and pfoa treatment propose. that was a walk staff document and remains the most wide fight propose this efficacy has incessantly developed for an emerging chemical sorrow. we had vulgar from entire of our program offices working on that. what i tasked everyone with was to go rear and continue romantic and observe at the authorities we possess and type disembowel how numerous uncertain ways we can speech this upshot and what we can do with the american social to undertake abiding we are addressing pfas and pfoa. and they came rear with some truly romantic ideas. and we are moving meddling. and we’re moving meddling not single on the mcl aspect yet on other – on tri, the superfund program, the cercla program. we are addressing it through entire of our staff. and at the time, we are conducting more elaboration. whereas the announce came disembowel we’ve had this incident in recent mexico with cows and we’re now working with the usda, trying to do some unsparing edge elaboration there. i’ve visited three of our labs that do pfas and pfoa elaboration. i was upright in our cincinnati lab and they do pfas and pfoa elaboration there. there is a misconception disembowel there that we understand what the problem is and we understand how to tie it. there are thousands of pfas and pfoa chemicals disembowel there – there’s yearn chain and abrupt chain. we are calm trying to type disembowel which ones are the most hurtful to the social. i was below the misconception that the identical treatment accomplish accomplish for any of the pfas pfoa substances yet it doesn’t. some of the treatment technologies accomplish for some and they don’t accomplish for others. we possess a hazard of elaboration to do. we are doing more elaboration on identifying up front through our chemicals program as far as taking a observe at expressive recent uses antecedently anybody could begin putting into intercourse recent pfas and pfoa compounds, whether or not they puzzle a problem to environmental or social health. we’re looking at how to recognize when they are in the water easier and when to examination for them. it’s not the identical examination for entire of the compounds either. at the identical age we haven’t slowed down on enforcing. we possess taken eight enforcement actions and in accession we provided technical abettance to a couple of dozen other enforcement actions by states and local governments about the country. so some of the communities and members of synod possess complained that our aver is having to whitewash this up without epa abettance. assuredly no, we are providing the technical abettance so they understand how to whitewash it up, we are providing the technical abettance so they understand how to recognize it. we are likewise doing some truly innovative imaging – gis – to type disembowel where the problems might continue antecedently they are detected. we understand where the chemicals were produced. we understand where they were manufactured. we likewise understand to some unquestionableness where they were used the most… airports and firefighting… so we are clever to advantage our gis mapping to overlay that with the water systems and aquifers to go disembowel to the communities and examination antecedently vulgar there accomplish it. we are using some innovative gis technology to aim and apprehend where the next problem may supervene. we are truly at the forefront of this. i upright recommend our walk staff, numerous of them…pulled all-nighters to secure everything unitedly. reuters: a hazard of young vulgar observe at what your epa is doing on emissions… and they observe at your comments that weather is not the most weighty environmental problem… wheeler: yet it’s weighty and we are addressing it. reuters: yet they top disembowel water issues are side of the weather vary problem, especially with thirst. wheeler: oh sure, and i’ve said that, that weather impacts water. yet the problems we are having with water possess been about yearn antecedently weather was an upshot. we’ve had problems on water infrastructure, on attenuate in the oceans, and in drinking water for a hundred years. reuters: do you annoy that sorrow almost a want of leadership on weather vary accomplish impel a move that accomplish secure democrats elected next year? wheeler: i can’t observe at the politics of this, that’s upright not my job. i can’t observe at the politics and how this is going to impression elections. i possess to speech the environmental issues and problems as i attend them and as they are presented to me by the vulgar here at the efficacy. yes, weather is an upshot and we are working to speech it, yet i apprehend water is a bigger upshot and i talk almost twain and protract to. yet there hasn’t been sufficient talk almost water. the prior function focused entire their energies on single upshot and that was weather vary. you accept a observe at the website that we are defendant of taking entire the weather vary tidings off the website. we didn’t. it’s on there, it’s archived, yet it’s on there. yet that’s not the single environmental upshot the world faces. i do trepidation that accordingly so numerous vulgar single talked almost weather change, you’re right, there could very hale continue a recent stock coming up aphorism that’s the single environmental upshot. and it’s not. i am going to possess to continue very prudent in how i affirm this, accordingly i don’t deficiency to continue misrepresented here. if i could go off on yielding straws for a second. yes, it’s weighty to secure entire yielding disembowel of the attenuate course. are yielding straws the be-all and end-all of this? no. by version of the bulk of the straw and the aggregate of attenuate the straw makes up. my biggest sorrow is that in switching abroad from yielding straws that vulgar are going to apprehend that that problem is solved accordingly they are no longer using a yielding straw. and that doesn’t explain the problem. we possess the identical upshot on recycling. we possess a vast recycling crisis claim now, there are not sufficient products for recycled substance to go into. we are upright stockpiling recycled materials in warehouses. when i affirm “we” it’s not the epa. recycled products are essence stockpiled in warehouses and loading docks about the country accordingly china abandon accepting the materials a uniform years gone. yet most americans apprehend if i put my matter in the recycling bin at the street retreat the problem is solved. that doesn’t explain the problem. we hosted a recycling apex remotest fall, the pristine age the efficacy incessantly did that. we brought in the vulgar from the whole appraise chain, from the manufacturers of the bald undefiled materials through the manufacturers of the goods, to the packagers, to the vulgar who localize the recycle materials, to the top users who accept the materials and act it into recent products, and we gave them four charges to accomplish on, and we’ve had continuing meetings with the groups whereas then and we are going to possess another apex this sink. i possess a actual sorrow and this is side media, side politician, vulgar talk almost this upshot du jour and that’s entire vulgar standpoint on and they don’t accomplish that that’s not solving entire the problems that are disembowel there. reuters: for your policies to continue effective, you would need trump to win. wheeler: he’s going to. i’m looking at a five-and-a-half-year planning horizon at this top. i’m going to possess five-and-a-half years to total everything we are trying to do. and it’s why i protract to talk almost water and the weight almost doing something for water. reuters: you guys told the autos on a title that you were targeting may or june to finalize authority. is that calm the case? wheeler: what i said in the auto appearance remotest week was i’m targeting novel spring, seasonable summer. and i do that accordingly seasons remotest hazard longer than vulgar accomplish. we vision to secure it as quickly as possible. we’re working with dot. it’s a tangled rule-making. we vision to secure it disembowel as quickly as possible. reuters: on diesel, you’ve gotten aggressive on enforcing the diesel cases. do you apprehend that the auto vulgar got the missive that you’re going to seize cheating? wheeler: i vision so. accordingly we are. if there is trickery we are going to seize it. it’s not upright the automobile manufacturers, it’s the after-market upset devices. we’ve taken a hazard of enforcement fight to secure upset devices off the roads. it’s not upright setting standards, you possess to urge the laws, too. and we’re doing plenteous more enforcement than we’re given trustworthiness for. reuters: how are you going to oblige the oil states and corn states below the rfs (renewable fuel standard)? wheeler: rfs is a very weighty program. i worked on the legislation in 2004 and 2007. i was the staff director for twain of those energy bills on the environment committee. this was an upshot that went on to the environment committee. it was not in the sway of the energy committee, it’s the sway of environment committee. yet it’s a very weighty program. the fashion it was appoint up, we’re going to possess rule-makings every year. we possess to do the rvo (renewable body obligation) every year. we’ve done another thing on certainty, which the oil toil was very timely that we did, was to secure the rvo disembowel on age the remotest two years. it’s the pristine age that’s incessantly happened. providing more certainty, more transparency helps the program and we’re hoping to do that. we’re essence very clear on what we’re doing on the e15 and the rin value mechanisms. so i apprehend the truth that the rin prices possess been unpretending for nearly a year shows that program is working and there’s transparency and the market is stabilized. it’s when you possess uncertainty, regulatory uncertainty, congressional uncertainty that can ripple through the rin value markets. the program does expire and vulgar are going to possess to begin talking almost and thinking almost what the next stock of rfs looks similar. yet we’re not there notwithstanding. again, i’m focused on transparency, i’m focused on certainty, and i apprehend that’s what we’re doing by announcing we’re going to possess the e15 on age for driving season, by announcing that we’re going to do the rvos on time, by putting the tidings disembowel on our dashboard on feeble refinery exemptions. the more upfront and unsettled we can continue i apprehend the ameliorate the program is…i apprehend we can possess a program where twain sides can observe at and affirm this is what the synod wanted, this is what they intended and epa is doing that upfront and beyond table and that’s my goal.

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